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Eddy Birth is an American singer-songwriter living in Madison, Wisconsin. His attraction to songwriting is driven by the poetic and thought provoking nature of lyrics. The Folk and Americana genres drive his unique sound as he utilizes acoustic guitar, heart wrenching harmonica solos, eerie Theremin layers, and accordion to create the canvas for his vocals.


His writing often inquires about the unknown associated with taking risks: what if I leave, what if I start a new life, what if I wander…? However, the answers are never found elsewhere. Instead they are found in Wisconsin. They are found in Chicago. They are found in the Midwest where loved ones are close by. 

Additionally, religious themes often find their way into Eddy’s lyrics. Being raised Catholic has placed the struggle of maintaining faith amongst the unknown to the forefront of his attention. What messages to believe, and what people to believe messages from, has always been a constant debate rattling around in his skull. Whether it’s corruption from corporations, political leaders, or religious organizations, the world is in dire need of altruistic intentions for the masses. The solution, he has found, is to live a simpler life. Within the voids of the material, ego, and conspicuous consumption is where the divine dwells. Politicians make it too easy to condemn the suffering. Corporations change the rules through lobbying. Too quickly can organized religions blame the sorrows of the world on Satan. Too easily will humanity worship the man atop the pulpit. He finds the divine amongst the natural landscape of the States and and on the faces of those who dwell there. 

Eddy started developing a passion for music quickly after he taught himself how to play the harmonica at age 13. Hours of fumbling across the diatonic scale on his $5 tin sandwich trained his ear to focus on melodic writing. His interest in music led him to the piano and ukulele, and he spent the next four years teaching himself chords and progressions with the help of Youtube and his eardrums.  However, playing an instrument wasn’t enough. He had something to say, and at the age of 17 he finally mustered up the courage to write lyrics and sing. The first time Eddy took the stage was in 2011 when he performed a setlist of originals at an outdoor festival in Geneva, IL. It was a pivotal moment in his life. He felt at home on the stage. He knew this was what he was supposed to do for the rest of his life.


Eddy has played with several bands over the past 11 years: Almost Always, Eddy Birth and the Ultrasounds, Sol Shine, and Straight Skinny. Each project has explored a different genre from alternative rock, reggae, hip hop, and blues. 

Exploring many genres was essential to discovering the genre where Eddy has truly found his songwriting home: FOLK. Americana and Singer Songwriter undertones have always been present in his music; however, learning to play the acoustic guitar has allowed folky songs to pour out of him with a natural and authentic spirit.

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Eddy Birth


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